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Nvidia Project G-Assist, an RTX-Powered Gaming AI Assistant for PCs Unveiled at Computex 2024

Nvidia unveiled Project G-Assist, an artificial intelligence (AI) assistant powered by its Ray Tracing Texel eXtreme (RTX) platform on Sunday at Computex 2024. The tech giant introduced it as a personal gaming assistant for PCs that can answer queries about any video game including gaming strategies and analysing multiplayer replays. The AI comes with natural language and computer vision capabilities, enabling it to accept text, speech and screen information as input. Currently, there is no launch date for the product. Notably, Microsoft also demonstrated a similar use case of Copilot during its Build event.

Nvidia unveils Project G-Assist

The Project G-Assist is part of Nvidia’s RTX AI toolkit, which witnessed several other announcements on June 2 as well. The AI assistant, in particular, is the company’s effort to bring game knowledge to players with generative AI. Interestingly, in 2017, Nvidia posted a video on X (formerly known as Twitter) about GeForce GTX G-Assist, a tool that can play games on the player’s behalf, as an April Fool’s joke.

Now, seven years later, Nvidia is bringing that dream to reality. So what can the AI assistant do? Sharing a tech demonstration using the game ARK: Survival Ascended from Studio Wildcard, the company highlighted a wide range of areas where Project G-Assist can help players. Primarily meant as a tool to quickly look up the best weapon in the game or a solution when stuck on a mission, the AI assistant can perform much more complex tasks as well.

During the demonstration, Project G-Assist helps create a gaming strategy to survive in the early game, offers an analysis of multiplayer replays, assists with finding the best settings to play the game in and finds out the best way to optimise the game in a given PC. Notably, the AI assistant gets both large language model (LLM) capabilities as well as computer vision, so it can understand natural language and pick up context by analysing the screen in real time.

The Project G-Assist can run both through servers and locally on-device powered by Nvidia GeForce RTX GPUs to offer flexibility to gamers. Based on the demo, it appears that the AI assistant can access the internet in both cases, as it might need to scour the web to find answers to certain questions.

Currently, Project G-Assist only exists as a demo, and Nvidia has not shared any details around its launch date.

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