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Qualcomm Makes Its Compute AI Models Available to Developers to Let Them Build Apps With AI Capabilities

Qualcomm made its entire library of artificial intelligence (AI) models featured in its AI hub available to developers on Saturday. With this move, app developers can download, run, and deploy the AI capabilities of these models within their app experiences or build new apps on top of them. The company highlighted that all the AI models have been optimised for devices that are powered by its AI-enabled Snapdragon X Elite series system-on-chipset. Notably, the company launched the AI chipset series in April.

Qualcomm makes its AI models available to developers

In a post on X (formerly known as Twitter), the official handle of Qualcomm stated that it has made the compute models on Qualcomm AI available to all developers. Notably, the AI models can be accessed via the company’s AI hub.

The Qualcomm AI hub website lists 94 compute models divided across different capabilities. There are models for audio enhancement and speech recognition, text and image generation, as well as multimodal capabilities such as image classification and image-to-text generation.

qualcomm ai hub Qualcomm AI hub

Qualcomm AI hub website
Photo Credit: Qualcomm


Further, there are various AI models for different computer vision-related functions. These include depth estimation, image classification, image editing, object detection, pose estimation, semantic segmentation, and more. Notably, most of these are open-source AI models, which have been fine-tuned and optimised by Qualcomm to run efficiently on its Elite X series processors.

While the AI hub lists all the compute models developers can download and run, the model weights are hosted on GitHub and Hugging Face. The AI hub also shares the research paper of the model, as well as basic details such as model size, number of parameters, and applicable scenarios.

The website also mentions the inference time, memory usage and NPU layers used while running the device on devices running the Snapdragon X Elite chipsets. All AI models come with a deployable AI Model Hub Licence that allows developers to build apps using them.

It is believed that the move by Qualcomm is aimed at creating an AI-powered app ecosystem which performs the best when used with its processor. The existence of the ecosystem could push more laptop and PC brands to push for Snapdragon X Elite chipsets for their AI PCs.

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