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Best Smart Home and IoT Devices to Wishlist Ahead of the Amazon Festive Sales

Looking for smart home ideas to add to your wishlist for the upcoming Amazon Great Indian Festival sale? We’ve got you covered with this list. The last few years have seen huge growth in the IoT and home technology space, with a number of smart home appliances and gadgets launching in India. Our picks for the best smart home products you can buy right now, which you should add to your wishlist, range from a smart robot that will vacuum and mop your floors, the easiest vacuum cleaner to use, a smart home hub, smart lighting, and a way to keep track of all your gadgets and other belongings.

If you’re looking to buy new smart home kit for your connected home, the Amazon Great Indian Festival 2021 Sale has a number of options available across product categories and brands, including robot vacuum cleaners, handheld vacuum cleaners, smart bulbs, smart speakers, and more. Here are our top picks in the smart living and smart home segments.

360 S7 Robot Vacuum-Mop

Although not very well known in India, the 360 S7 is surprisingly one of the best robot vacuum cleaners you can buy right now. The cleaning robot offers effective vacuuming, acceptable mopping, decent battery life, and a very good app experience with lots of controls and features. The device uses laser navigation, which is accurate and allows the device to move quickly and efficiently.

Buy 360 S7 Robot Vacuum-Mop

Dyson Omni-glide Vacuum Cleaner

Among the newest products in Dyson’s range, the Omni-glide is priced at Rs. 34,900 and has a unique omni-directional roller head which makes floor cleaning a lot easier. Although expensive and with average battery life, this compact and easy-to-use Dyson is a very useful gadget for home cleaning.

Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen)

Amazon’s most impressive smart speaker and display yet, the Amazon Echo Show 10 (3rd Gen) has a unique motion-enabled screen that follows your gaze. This device combines a capable 10.1-inch screen, Netflix and Amazon Prime Video integration, the ability to give visual cues for all smart functionality, and the full suite of Alexa capabilities. Although sound quality doesn’t quite match up to the price, this is a modern smart home device with considerable capabilities.

Buy Amazon Echo Show 10

Mi Smart Bulb

Among the best smart bulbs you can buy right now, the Mi LED Wi-Fi Smart Bulb is impressive for a number of reasons, including 16 million colour support, voice controls with Alexa and Google Assistant, and a rated life of 11 years. This affordable smart bulb works with the Mi Home app and is a great way to get started with making your appliances and home fittings ‘smart’.

Buy Mi Smart Bulb

Apple AirTag

If you have a habit of misplacing small personal items such as your keys or wallet, the Apple AirTag is a smart way to keep track of where you left things. Devices can be tracked on a map, and you can also specifically locate items within a short range by making the AirTag chime or using your iOS device to directionally locate it with the Find My app. The device has a battery that is replaceable and rated to run for up to a year.

Buy Apple AirTag

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