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SBI Balance Check Number: How to Check SBI Balance Online Using Different Methods

State Bank of India (SBI) offers many online services that allow its customers to get all the information swiftly. Gone are the days when you had to wait in a long queue to find the balance of your SBI account. The SBI balance check feature lets you know your account balance with a few clicks. 

However, if you are wondering how to check your SBI balance online, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will shed some light on different methods through which you can inquire about your SBI balance. So, without further ado, let’s get started. 

SBI Balance Check via Missed Call Banking

SBI allows you to check your account balance using the missed calling banking service. However, you need to first enrol in this service. Here’s how you can enrol for the SBI Missed Call Banking service:

  1. Open your Message application on your Android or iOS mobile.

  2. Type REG<space>account number.

  3. Now, send it to 09223488888 from your registered mobile number.

With this, you will be able to register for the SBI Missed Call Banking service. Now, the bank gives you two options: toll-free numbers to check for SBI balance and mini statement. 

  • 9223766666: You can use this number to get the SBI Balance. 
  • 9223866666: This number helps you get the last five transaction details of your SBI account.

SBI Balance Check via WhatsApp

SBI customers can also check their SBI balance using WhatsApp. The bank allows you to access different services via its SBI WhatsApp banking services. Here’s how you can use it: 

  1. Save the +919022690226 number on your smartphone. 
  2. Open WhatsApp on your mobile device and search for this number. 
  3. Start a new chat by typing Hi in the chat box. 
  4. Now, click on Get Balance from the prompt. 
  5. With this, you will get the information about your SBI balance with ease. 

You can also use WhatsApp Banking service to get mini statements, account statements, other statement services, pension slips, information on loan products, NRI services, pre-approved loan queries, grievance redressal helplines, and more. 

SBI Balance Check via SMS

You can also check your SBI Balance by using the SMS service. However, you need to follow the same steps as mentioned in the missed call banking service to register for the service first. Once you are through with the registration process, follow these steps: 

  1. Open your Message application on your Android or iOS mobile. 
  2. Type BAL. 
  3. Now, send it to +919223766666 from your registered mobile number. 

With this, you will get the details of your SBI account balance. Moreover, you can send MSTMT to check the mini statement and MODBAL to check your MOD balance. 

SBI Balance Check via Yono App 

Yono is one of the best options through which you can check your SBI balance with ease. The application is available on Android and iOS platforms, making it easier to get all the banking services under one roof. Here’s how you can check your balance using the Yono application. 

  1. Download and install the Yono application on your mobile. 
  2. Open the application and log in to your account using your username and password. 
  3. Follow the instructions to set up your PIN or biometrics for the app for the first time. 
  4. Once done, on the home screen, you will see the option of View Balance. 
  5. Tap on it, and you will see your SBI account balance. 

SBI Balance Check via Net Banking 

SBI also gives you the option to check your balance using the Internet banking service. Here’s how you can do it: 

  1. Login to website on your mobile or desktop browser. 
  2. Click on Login under Personal Banking. If you have a Corporate account, you can select Login under Corporate Banking. 
  3. Click on Continue to Login and enter your username and password alongside the image captcha code. 
  4. Once done, you will receive an OTP on your registered mobile number. Please enter it in the desired field. 
  5.  You will be greeted at the homepage of SBI Internet banking. 
  6. Now, go to the Account Summary tab and under Transactions Accounts, click on Click here for balance option. 
  7. With this, you will be able to see your SBI account balance. 

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