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Sony Rolls Out Ability for PS5 Players to Join Discord Voice Chats Directly From Console

Sony is bringing the ability to join Discord voice chat directly from the PS5 console. The PlayStation parent had rolled out Discord integration with PS5 in an update last year, but PS5 players had to use the messaging app on PC or mobile to initiate the connection. Now, players can jump into a Discord voice chat natively on their PS5. Sony had first revealed plans to integrate Discord in PlayStation consoles in 2021.

In a PlayStation Blog post, Sony announced that it was rolling out the ability for PS5 players to join Discord voice chat directly from their PS5. The feature will be made available to users gradually over the coming weeks.

How to join Discord voice chat on PS5

To join a Discord voice chat directly on PS5, head to Game Base inside the Control Center on the console, select the Discord tab, and pick the Discord server or DM group you want to join.

Then, choose your preferred voice channel, which will show you more information about the people already chatting there. According to Sony, PS5 users will also receive a PS5 console notification when another Discord user calls them, thus allowing users to join the call right away.

Discord voice chats will roll out over the coming weeks, starting with Japan/Asia, and then in Europe, Australia/New Zealand, the Middle East, and the Americas. To get the feature, PS5 must be updated with latest system software, and PlayStation Network (PSN) and Discord accounts must be linked.

PS5 profile sharing feature

Sony also announced a new profile sharing feature that will allow players to share their PlayStation Network profile on any messaging or social app. This can be done via both the PS5 console and the PlayStation app. Players can select the “Share Profile” option to generate a shareable link or QR code for their PSN profile. When the recipient opens the link or scans the code, they can add the profile owner as a PSN friend. The Share Profile feature will begin rolling out next week.

share profile share profile

PSN profile can be shared from console and PlayStation app
Photo Credit: Sony

Sony had first added Discord integration to PS5 in an update in March last year. The feature only allowed players to answer Discord calls from their PS5 after transferring the call from their PC or phone app over to the console.

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